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Saturday, January 23, 2010

My New Home!

I wish...I 'd move in today.  But, what better way to spend a day off than at Old Sturbridge Village!  Will and I had a BLAST!  Better yet, I got in free being a MA teacher.  Sorry Dave, I know you wish you were there ;) Take a peak at some of my favorite pics. from the day!  Old sleds were built for the kids and adults!  We had a great time zooming down the hill. I really do love this place!

The tin smith is a wonderful man and a talented craftsman!

William liked to randomly lay down in the mud, snow, and slush!

Getting ready for another round of sledding!
Old New England Fencing! I love this!

Baby Lamb just born! Soooo cute! ;)

Coming in from the cold...


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Dave said...

I am so glad you two had such an awesome day! So many more to come as our little man progresses through life!
Every child should be taught to expect success.