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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flea Market Finds Me!

Today, I found so many wonderful, pretty, simple, and cheap things at the Charlton Flea Market and at a little Antique barn on the way home.  I paid a total of $10.00 dollars for all of my items today!  That's right! $10.00!  I took this shelf thingy above and did this...
 I painted it "chippy dippy white."  This shelf thingy was in an old antique barn and I got it!  Alyssa vs. expensive...Alyssa WINS!  Next items...
 Ohh la,la  a cake pedestal and a fluted pan displayed as...
                                                  This ;) 
         Alyssa finds the dollar bin and scores again! 
    And my love of the day is...

             All of these....ahhhhh....what a day! :)
          Below a sneak peak of my friend's Cape Cod room.  I love how she displays everything on this old, old bookshelf that her dad repainted for her.  The map was in her grandparent's Cape house. Everything on those shelves has a meaning.  Don't ya love it?!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Saving Grace!

Meet Grace!  Isn't she great?!  She has been living in my basement for too long! Grace scared my husband when I had a dress on her and placed her right inside the doorway.  He kept thinking there was a robber there waiting to hit him over the head with a cast iron frying pan.  Okay, those weren't his exact words, but something like that... So, I need to do something with Grace!  Maybe some scarves?  Any ideas?  I got her soooo cheap at a "shabby chic" store in Maine.  I negotiated back and forth for this gal!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Virginia House Giveaway!!!

Morning Bloggy Friends!  The Virginia House is giving away a might fine sailboat!  So raise your anchors and enter away!  Visit the Virginia House Blog today!
Enjoy the beautiful day and if you have any followers that would like my blog, send them over;) I'd love to share ideas;) Alyssa

Monday, April 19, 2010

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Weeds!  Weeds! and more WEEDS!  They are driving me bonkers and it's only April. I hate breaking them up and pulling them out!
 But, owell I love all of the plants in our yard.  Edging of beds, mulch, and all of that good stuff still needs to be done, but here are some of our gardens.  My husband did all of the work below and yes, that is a putting green.  I did the herbs and that garden up above is the project that Will and I are working on. 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Edgartown & Menemsha Inn-Vineyard Living! Dreaming of the Seaside

My dream is to have a little cottage by the sea.  The one above is too big for us, but I love the cedar shingles and this place is a summer rental, if you're interested.  
Someday...I imagine smelling the salty sea air mixed with the sweetness of the Rosa Rugosa all while snuggling in with my hubby.  Someday this will happen because we are working towards it!  But, until we sign for a cottage on the dotted line...(Imagine our signatures here)
here are some inside scenes of this home and the Menemsha Inn on the Vineyard. I just love the room designs! Enjoy ;)
Give me a light blanket, a pillow, and see ya later!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lisa Leonard Necklace Arrived!

My Lisa Leonard necklace arrived today and I'm so in love with it!  She does great work!  A link to her custom jewelry is to the left if you're interested ;)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chalkboard Paint! Better than sliced bread!

I LOVE chalkboard paint!  I have discovered places to slap on this liquid black gold.  It's so quick and easy...Here is my bathroom linen closet...Write away!