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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Midnight Farm-Carly Simon

This morning I was pouring my steaming cup of coffee and sat down to watch the sunrise through my kitchen window.  I looked at my cup and read 'Midnight Farm' Oh, does that day bring back memories. Let me share...

So, I am on the Vineyard and in the middle of the harbor on a boat, right near the beach where Jaws was filmed where all of the people are screaming, "SHARK!" and run out of the water.  Okay I digress, I am with my new husband (we were on our honeymoon).  I was talking with some people on the boat and they asked if I've ever been to Midnight Farm, Carly Simon's shop.  I said no and a college kid pipes up and says, "You'd like it! It's you."  I didn't know if that was a compliment or not, but of course I nudged my husband and said, "We have to go!"  

Well, we pulled into the parking lot and I was beside myself saying, "This is so cool!"  My husband said, "She's not going to be in there working."  "I don't care. I want to go in!" I quickly snapped back.  
 We walked in and who was sitting on the couch in the middle of the shop?  You guessed it,  Carly Simon!  I acted casual like, oh I am just shopping and don't really see you as my husband says loudly, "Hey is that her?! Do you see her?! That's Carly Simon!"  

I wanted to run and hide behind her -lol!  She was picking out fabric with a designer and had her cocoa colored poodle Mollie with her.  I loved everything in that shop and thinking what can I take back on the ferry with me?  I bought the mug you see above.  But, this story gets better because as I was paying for the mug, Mollie runs up to Dave (my husband) and starts licking him and jumping on his leg.  Dave thinks this is great because he loves the song, "You're so Vain"  Carly ever so sweetly smiles at us and calls Mollie over and it sounded like she was singing.  I finished paying.  We walked out of the store holding it together and then started laughing when we are out of site.  "Ha! Who was in her store?" I said smugly to Dave.   I think I sang something like, "You're so burnt." to the tune of You're so Vain.  We still laugh about that day and love to share that story. The end. ;)
Visit Midnight Farm online, but please buy your soy candles from me ;)


Joan said...

I'm a long time visitor to the Vineyard. I just found your blog through your post about Carly Simon...who I adore. I enjoy poking around Midnight Farm and have a couple of mugs from there, not with MF on them though :(
I'm enjoying your blog, hope you take a look at mine :)
Joan in NJ - heart on MV

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