What Would We Do Without The Starfish to Wish Upon? -A.Foy


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our Family Wish Bowl-Share What You Love

Our Family Wish Bowl
Please pardon the picture as my table cloth is currently being laundered, but as my little boy is napping I took the time to share our Family Wish Bowl with all of you.  

The three candles are for Love, Health, and Happiness.  The outside of the bowl represents seasons, the sea glass represents family, the beach stones are to remind us that rough spots can be smoothed out, and the star fish is for prayers and wishes. 

The candles are lit at random times, sometimes when praying, for peace, or for serenity & relaxation but all three must be lit.        
Have fun making your family wish bowls! 


Kathy {ourcreeksideplace} said...

Lovely idea, and a beautiful to look at too. :-)

Linda said...

What a beautiful idea!

Marianna said...

This is such a wonderful idea. What a wonderful visual reminder of what matters most in life.